Mission Statement

The purpose of Hilo Hongwanji Preschool is to provide for the healthy development of the whole child—socially, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We believe this can be accomplished by group activities, art, science, math, language activities, music, health and safety, relaxation and planned excursions.


“The Hilo Hongwanji Preschool philosophy for the learning experience of it's students involves the nurturing of the openess, the naturalness, and unobstructed freedom of curiosity with which all children are born. The Hilo Hongwanji Preschool culture establishes that although we are all unique individuals, we are linked by the flow of life to each other and to all living things. The school establishes that the total integration of mind, heart and body for each student is the path to becoming a whole healthy person. The practice at Hilo Hongwanji Preschool is to impart an appreciation and awareness of life as a most precious gifts to be lived in gratitude, aloha and compassion.”


HHHB began its Hilo Hongwanji Preschool operations in the 1928. “Graduates” of the school have since grown up to run major companies, own businesses, make Hawaii laws and provide Hawaii’s many communities with leadership and philanthropic support.

The preschool’s perennial award-winning program has made it a popular option in the Hilo area. Currently it has 80 students, ages 3 to 5. It has eight full-time and six part-time employees, an annual expense budget of $470,000, with a waiting list. It consists of approximately 6,000 square feet on two floors—four classrooms and a multi-purpose room that includes administrative offices. Restrooms and utility areas are located on the ground floor. Located on the main HHHB campus, it is accessible by Kilauea Avenue.

Preschoolers welcomed Gomonshu Kojun Ohtani (Spiritual Leader of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism) in September 2018