Dharma Store

Available at the Church Office

If you are interested in purchasing any of these books or items, contact the Honpa Hongwanji Temple Office at (808) 961-6677 or email


Available are O-nenjus in various styles and colors. Visit us at 398 Kilauea Avenue; Hilo, Hawaii. Also available are Wabi-Sabi items. See pictures to your left

O-nenju (price varies)

Kakocho (purple book) $30.00

Niche (varies)

Note cards $1.50

Pendants (varies)

Rainbow O-nenju $15.00 cash only

Wabi Sabi items (varies)


A Grateful Past, Promising Future $18.00

Memoirs of a Buddhist Woman Missionary $3.00

Jodo Shinshu Guide $8.00

On The Air $10.00

Jodo Shinshu Service Book $15.00

The Buddha's Gift to the World $11.00

Moving Forward $12.00

The Buddha's Call to Awaken $15.00

The Buddha's Wish for the World $15.00

The Monk's Wife $15.00

Everday Suchness $12.00

Recalling Our Past $4.00

Tariki $15.00

World (Peace) $7.00

Out of the Ground grows Wisteria $12.00

Teriyaki Priest $11.00

Monk Who Dared $15.00