Affiliates & Temple Organizations

The purpose for 4-H is for the youth to reach their fullest potential as capable, competent, caring and contributing citizens by helping them learn leadership, citizenship and life skills through programs that emphasize "learning by doing" experiences.

Purpose: To follow Shinran Shonin, who sought to live a life of truth, to appreciate fully the blessings of human existence, to thoroughly hear the primal vow of the Buddha and to diligently strive to live the life of Nembutsu as Buddhist Women.

Our Kyodan Choir shares the Dharma through the gift of music.

Our Dharma School's purpose is to provide Buddhist education to children 0-18 years of age.

The Gakuen (Japanese Language School) teaches the Japanese language and fosters values of education in daily life and strives to develop an understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture and Buddhist traditions.

The Gakuen Japanese School at the HHHB is an after school language program for school children ages 6-18. Using the immersion method, the school offers unique teaching in the four main areas of language: reading, writing, comprehension and conversation. Along with the language training, students also learn about Japanese culture and develop character building skills.

To promote fellowship/friendship among members via activities which foster growth in the Dharma, within our Sangha and outside our temple community.

We strive to increase the youth's knowledge of Buddhist teachings, ethics and culture while making life-long friends and to produce productive members of society.

Our purpose is to teach respect, discipline and character building so that one learns to live with and contribute to the Sangha and community.

The purpose of scouting is to move boys toward three (3) basic aims, that of 1) character development, 2) citizenship training and 3) mental and physical fitness.

Our purpose is to strive to support the Honpa Hongwanji Hilo Betsuin and all of its affiliate organizations in their respective endeavors in a manner that promotes strong fellowship and social exchange among our members and families.

Oral History Proejct


To preserve the rich history of Honpa Hongwanji Hilo Betsuin.

Project Dana

The purpose of Project Dana is to "Provide a variety of faith-based volunteer services to the frail elderly, the disabled and caregivers who are in need of social support in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life."