Project Dana

The purpose of Project Dana is to "Provide a variety of faith-based volunteer services to the frail elderly, the disabled and caregivers who are in need of social support in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life." 



 The May Project Dana activity was attended by 17 clients and 14 volunteers.  While waiting for everyone to be present, the clients worked on picture puzzles.  The puzzles were of varying degrees of difficulty, starting with the easiest with a few pieces to those with many more pieces.

The exercise for the day was a ball toss at chest level followed by passing the ball overhead to the next person.  Each Project Dana day includes some sort of physical exercise and mental exercise.  To test the memory of both the clients and volunteers, clues were given to identify different nursery rhymes.  Some clues proved to be difficult for both clients and volunteers.  Once the rhyme was identified, we tried to sing or say as much of the lines as we could remember.

For the hands-on project for the day, artificial succulents were “planted in a pot”.  A sign was also inserted to remind the clients that “Today is a Good Day for a Good Day.”  It is our hope that seeing the “plant” each day would bring a smile to the clients.

The day always ends with a delicious, healthy lunch enjoyed by everyone.  The lunch included teriyaki salmon belly for the main dish, rice flavored with shiofuki konbu and fukujinzuke, and a healthy vegetable salad topped with pieces of chicken.  Dessert was jello and energy bars donated by client Mrs. Sue Nakamura.

Come and join us at the last Friday of the month.  For any questions, leave your name and phone number at the office.  A group leader will contact you.