Project Dana

The purpose of Project Dana is to "Provide a variety of faith-based volunteer services to the frail elderly, the disabled and caregivers who are in need of social support in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life." 





     On Friday, April 28, sixteen seniors came to Project Dana for a morning of socializing and crafts. The program started with exercises to strengthen the neck, back, shoulders, and fingers.  Participants were encouraged to do the exercises daily at home.

     Happy Birthday wishes were extended to Mrs. Hiroko Rances and Mrs. Ayame Takaki who had birthdays in April.  Each honoree received a beautiful red lei made by Sue Nakamura and a special tiara fashioned by Yae Koizumi.

     The group listened to familiar stories from Aesop’s Fables and discussed the lesson taught by each story.  To follow up on the fable of “The Hare and the Tortoise”, everyone made a colorful tortoise using pompoms.

     The next activity was called “Flowers in a Mug.”  The seniors created their own mini floral arrangements by using greens, flowers, and mugs donated by Michi Kuwaye,      Sats Taira, Nancy Kasamoto, Amy Kimura and Lillian Udo.  The colorful creations brightened the tables and were proudly taken home at the end of the day. 

     Reverend Bryan Siebuhr arrived to informally chat with the clients and to give the “Words of Thanksgiving” before lunch.  Friday’s menu was delicious chicken hekka, rice, potato-macaroni salad, sanbaizuke, fruit jello and broken glass jello.

     Group D says “Mahalo” to the many volunteers who helped to make this a very enjoyable day!