Project Dana

The purpose of Project Dana is to "Provide a variety of faith-based volunteer services to the frail elderly, the disabled and caregivers who are in need of social support in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life." 

 Project Dana January  2014


     The first gathering of 2014 for PROJECT DANA 2014 was held on Friday, January 31, 2014.  Participating in the spirit of THE YEAR OF THE HORSE were 26 clients and 25 volunteers.

This morning began with a Qigong exercise led by Etsuko Kurokawa. The Hilo Betsuin Preschool children in their dragon costumes came to “dance” around the clients in celebration of CHINESE NEW YEAR which this year falls on January 31st.  Their rousing drum beats and smiling dragons brought smiles to the clients’ faces.

 A beautiful poster featuring the Year of the Horse with the characteristics of those born in the year of the horse as well as the other animals was presented by Etsuko Kurokawa. The clients then were asked to recall the year of their birth as related to one of the animals and the characteristics that are related to them.  Born in the Year of the Horse are Tomoe Iida and Takayoshi Kanda.

Rimban Rev. Jeffrey Soga presented to the clients a New Year calligraphy rendition of the kanji, “KOTOBUKI,” meaning Long Life, Precious Life or Fulfilled Life.  Rev. Kawagoe assisted Rimban Rev. Soga in writing the kanji for the twenty-six participants.  At the end of the program, they each chose one of the “KOTOBUKI” to take home to display.

Lunch also featured  the New Year,  consisting  of  kuromame, ma-ze gohan, nishime, namasu, sliced oranges, and for dessert, zenzai with mochi dumplings. 

During lunch those observing their birthdays received a birthday headband.  In closing, all sang “Happy Birthday” to Satoe Higuchi, Setsuko Okido, Violet Kuroyama, Takayoshi Kanda, Mildred Yoshida, and Masako Nishikawa.

After a fulfilling day, all bid aloha to each other until the next gathering on February 28, 2014.