Project Dana

The purpose of Project Dana is to "Provide a variety of faith-based volunteer services to the frail elderly, the disabled and caregivers who are in need of social support in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life." 

 Project Dana May 2014

The May Project Dana activity was enjoyed by 19 clients and 25 volunteers.  As usual, Ron Takeya did an excellent job leading the group with whole body exercises.  Accompanied by relaxing music, the exercises helped each individual become in tune with the different parts of the body. 

After the physical exercise, the brain was challenged with a Sudoku puzzle.  Instructions were given as the group worked together to understand the object of the puzzle.  It may have been the first time for most clients as well as the volunteers to work on a Sudoku puzzle.  It is hoped that the experience will encourage the clients to try new and challenging activities.

With summer approaching, the craft activity for the day was to decorate a fan.  Given a variety of stickers, many beautiful and artistic creations were completed.  The clients were proud of the finished product which can be used to weather the summer heat.

No activity is complete without a delicious lunch.  The menu for the month included rice, tonkatsu, kakuma kimpira, chow mein, vegetable salad, bread pudding, and watermelon. 

Project Dana is celebrating its 25th anniversary of existence in the State and 15th anniversary at Hilo Hongwanji.  If interested in becoming a client or a volunteer, please call the office and leave your name and phone number.