Our purpose is to build human character by disciplining the mind, body, and spirit through proper kendo training and to develop community-minded citizens through participation in Sangha and community activities.

Kendo meets weekly, Thursdays and Saturdays. Open to students, ages 6 through 17 years of age. 

CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES 2017                       

SEP        Classes resume (8/31)    


NOV     4   DOJO CLEANING (Clean kendo areas of Pre-school Bldg.)

           23  THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY (No kendo practice)

         TBA  CHURCH CLEANING (Floor Waxing) Tentative Nov. 19


           16   LAST PRACTICE OF 2017  

                 (Begin 3–week break from kendo practice sessions) 

         TBA  MOCHI TSUKI (Pounding and Shaping) Tent Dec. 26


JANUARY 2018         

            6   FIRST PRACTICE OF 2018

                KAGAMI BIRAKI (Church Service & Breakfast)

                (Judo Club will be in charge of the arrangements)

Kendo Club 


      On April 8, 2017, the Hilo Hongwanji Kendo Club held its Rank Ceremony and Potluck-style Dinner.  Kendo Club students and their Parents, guests of the kendo club, and kendo club Instructor participated in the annual event.

     At the Ceremony, the kendo students received new kendo ranking certificates.  Rimban Jeffrey Soga officiated the Ceremony and presented the rank certificates to the students.

    Kyodan President Dr. Keith Yamakawa, Rimban Soga and Kendo Club Instructor Owen Nishioka gave speeches to congratulate the kendo club students and their parents for successfully attaining higher kendo rankings.