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    The Gakuen (Japanese Language  School) teaches the Japanese language and fosters values of education in daily life and strives to develop an understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture and Buddhist traditions.  
    The Gakuen Japanese School at the HHHB is an after school language program for school children ages 6-18. Using the immersion method, the school offers unique teaching in the four main areas of language: reading, writing, comprehension and conversation.  Along with the language training, students also learn about Japanese culture and develop character building skills.

    The Hilo Betsuin Gakuen participated in the Hanashikata event in Honolulu on April 22, 2017.  Students   showcased their Japanese Language speaking and presentation skills.                                                                          

The event was open to students statewide, K-12 grades.  This year was special because all three graduating 8th graders were able to perform together, in a skit-like  dialogue written by their sensei. They are instructed by Masako Ryan, Gakuen teacher. Sensei Ryan  accompanied them to Oahu where they performed and later celebrated their stellar performance at the Wet and Wild Water Park. These three students graduated from Hilo Hongwanji Gakuen 8th Grade on May 26, 2017.





Interested new students should mail/bring application to temple office.  

Application is also available below. Click on PDF file.  Fees for registering and PTA is $15.   Checks are payable to Hilo Hongwanji Gakuen.

Fee Schedule: 

Tuition: $55 month

Multiple child discount:                      

First child - $55, Second child-$52.25 and Third child - $52.25.

Hongwanji Hilo Betsuin Gojikai members, there is a 10% discount on tuition.

Cost of textbooks and learning materials will be assessed after the school year starts.

PTA (Fukei Kyoshikai) and Activity Fee of $5.00 per child per school year will be collected. Fees are used to pay for costs for goodies and treats on various occasions. 

Students at Waiakea Waena and Waiakea Elementary and Intermediate schools may elect to take advantage of the Hele-on-bus service for transportation. For a monthly fee, students are issued passes and transported from the school grounds to the temple. Contact the Mass Transit Agency at 961-8343 for more information.

Classes are held Mon. - Fri. for 40 minute sessions.  First bell starts at 2:45 p.m. (M-F) and 1:45 p.m. (Wed.) for new beginning students.  Returning students attend either 2nd or 3rd bell schedules. 

Once a month, a special assembly is held for the students at the beautiful Hondo temple. Here they will have the opportunity to meet the ministers, listen to positive moral stories and learn about basic conduct and customs as pertaining to Buddhism.

Every other month, one class day is set aside for cultural appreciation day. On this day, the students learn calligraphy, Japanese arts and crafts, songs and games along with the ability to watch performances in Kendo, a Japanese martial art and Taiko, an ancient ceremony using drums. By experiencing native culture, the students gain a better understanding of Japan and its language. 

An application may be downloaded by clicking on the file below: 


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