Buddhist Women's Assoc.

Purpose:  To follow Shinran Shonin, who sought to live a life of truth, to appreciate fully the blessings of human existence, to thoroughly hear the primal vow of the Buddha and to diligently strive to live the life of Nembutsu as Buddhist Women.

Open to all women!  No longer required to be a HHHB Kyodan Gojikai dues paying member. 



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Honpa Hongwanji Hilo Betsuin Buddhist Women’s Association will hold its  annual Shinnen-Enkai on February 10, 2019. Featured speaker will be Carrie Kawamoto of  Mililani Hongwanji    Mission.  Carrie grew up on the sugar plantation in Waipahu and graduated from Waipahu High School.  She then pursued her dream of being an elementary school teacher at the University of Hawaii. All during her youth, going to Waipahu Hongwanji and participating in temple activities played a very big part of her life until her college years. Then, 28  years ago, Carrie returned to her Buddhist faith and is now an active participant of Mililani Hongwanji Mission.


  BWA Annual Long-Term Care Visitation

 Nine Buddhist Women Association members and Rimban Shindo Nishiyama visited Life Care Center of Hilo, Hawaii Island Adult Care Center, Hilo   Medical Center Extended Care, Yukio Okutsu Veteran’s Home and Hale Anuenue Restorative Care Center.

    Sue Okunami and Wilma Kawasaka co-chaired the Annual Long Term Care    Visitation.  This year Karen Maedo, Carolyn Mizuno, Aiko Nakamura, Sue Okunami,    Lillie Tsuchiya. Carole Tsutsumi, Lillian Watanabe, Yuri Yahiro, Wilma      Kawasaka and Rimban Nishiyama  visited the care  facilities.

     Carole Tsutsumi, Chair of Sewing Circle, cut all the fabric.  Sewers this year were Roxanne Aburamen, Yukie Kunihiro, Bessie Kubo, Carolyn Mizuno, Asayo Naguwa, Susan Nishioka, Ellen Okano, Sue Okunami, Akiko Sadahira, Lynette Takajo and Lillian Watanabe.

     BWA donated 165 lap blankets and 170 wheel chair bags.  They also donated lap blankets to Hawaii CareChoices (Hospice) and lap blankets and wheel chair bags to Legacy of Hilo. 



BWA ladies stand with their beautiful indigo items and instructor Kim Springer (2nd from left). The art is known as Shibori