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This year’s theme is: Path of Entrusting: Share Peace!, and as we enter the one hundred twenty fifth year of the Hawaii Kyodan, it is very appropriate that our aspiration is to share peace.  You will notice that words were chosen carefully avoiding using phrases like “Promote Peace” and “Spread Peace.”  This is because in Buddhism peace begins with the individual finding peace within and then sharing that peace with others.  Please keep in mind that everyone is responsible for his or her own spiritual path and personal actions.  But at the same time if the great Wisdom and Compassion of Amida Buddha has transformed one’s heart and mind, then one will aspire to share peace in many different ways, great and small.  So let us, according to our circumstances and abilities, share peace by our actions and words starting with our families and communities. 

“Signs of long years of saying the Nembutsu and aspiring for birth (in the Pure Land) can be seen in the change in the heart that had been bad and in the deep warmth for friends and fellow-practicers;” … Shinran Shonin, page 551, Collected Works of Shinran. 


BJ Soriano,
Oct 5, 2012, 12:33 PM