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Our Jodo Shinshu Teachings reflect on living and spreading the Dharma. By following the Eight-fold Path and embracing the Four Noble Truths, members learn to live each day fully and richly.

BSC Satellite Summer Session 2014

     Rev. Marvin Harada of the Orange County Buddhist Temple will speak at the BSC Satellite Summer Session on July 26, 2014, at the Hilo Betsuin.  He will be speaking on the topic, “Resolving Life’s Problems Through Buddhism.”  He will be discussing the following areas:            

1. The matter of life and death; 

2. Relationships;     

3. Work issues;

4. Self-esteem. 

Rev. Harada states, “We all face problems in life.  Some of our problems are big problems.  Some of our problems are little problems.  Sometimes little problems don’t get resolved, and they become big problems.  Big or small, there isn’t anyone who can say they don’t face problems in life.  Buddhists over the many centuries have resolved the greatest issues of life…”

Marvin Harada is the minister at Orange County Buddhist Temple where he has been serving since 1986.  His is also co-director for the Center for Buddhist Education for the Buddhist Churches of America.  He is the author of Discovering Buddhism in Everyday Life (2011). 


Coming in June 2014

“The Buddha’s Gift to the World

Tranquility for a Tumultuous Planet”


The third and final in a series of English translated books from the Twenty-fourth Monshu addressing the Twenty-first century.

  The American Buddhist Study Center would like your support for their project to publish and make accessible more books on Shin Buddhism to the American Buddhist.  

Mahalo for a very successful 2014 O-Bon Season!

 Honpa Hongwanji Hilo Betsuin